Prayer Request

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. ~Romans 12:12

Only the most current prayer concerns are listed in Church Life each week.  The entire list of continuing Prayer Concerns may be found at the Welcome Desk, in the Church Office, or may be requested by contacting the church office.

All of these prayer concerns will remain on the prayer list until you let us know that special prayers are no longer requested.

If you would like prayer, but prefer not to be listed on the prayer board in the Church Office or in our print publications, please indicate below.



If you are requesting prayer for someone else, please get their permission before you request to post the concern on the board in the Church Office or in any print publications.

Contact Information

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This prayer request email is being sent to the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton Church Office.  If you would like to contact us directly you can call the Church Office at 630-668-5147, or email us at